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Friday, September 10, 2010

Red Sock Bumper Stickers and Old Dudes

I was a bit perplexed on my drive in to work this morning which is a bit unusual for me since I usually try not to think about anything hard enough while I am driving to work to actually be perplexed. Anyway, so there was a black truck in front of me that has a sticker on the back window. Red socks. A pair, with white “patches” on the heel and the toe. What could these red socks possibly represent? A gang…The Red Socks Gang…not so tough. Ok, so maybe the red socks represent something religious...you know like the fish or something. Possibly some super secret society of red sock wearing people that are trying to take over the world? I don’t know, I am all freaked out now.

And speaking of all freaked out, I saw some old dude driving yesterday. Old people who drive freak me out. Especially old people who obviously have sight issues. The old dude had glasses on with blinders on the side, like he was a fucking horse. Don’t you NEED to have your peripheral vision, ESPECIALLY if you are old? I don’t mean to offend old people, but my God….the dude had one foot on the gas pedal and one in the grave.

But, whatever…

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  1. Ok, so they stand for the Boston Red Sox. I can't help it if I am not a baseball fan. So sue me. They look like Christmas socks.