We are just a couple of big ol nice gals as one "gentleman" once said. Best friends since high school, we have a lot to say about life, love, family and friends and how we are just trying to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Allow us to introduce ourselves…. We are Morgan and Elizabeth.

We have been best friends since High School, which wasn’t that long ago. Well, if you consider a couple of decades “not long.” We have been there for each other through bitch sessions, breakups, births, and more bitch sessions. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we always seem to pull through. Well, mostly….we may have pulled through just a little more warped than we were before. Which was pretty warped.

We lead pretty different lives, but we both struggle with so many of the same issues: weight, occasionally ungrateful kids, bad and good relationships, crazy families, and so much more. Mostly, we both struggle with just being comfortable in our own skin, in the lives we are living.

So in one of our countless moments of brilliance (or an inspiration of complete madness – which probably happens more often), we decided to start a blog. In the hopes that there are others out there who are also struggling with some of the same issues, who may enjoy reading the rants and ravings of A Couple of Big Ol Nice Gals.

Take it easy,
B.O.N.G. (no pun intended….well, at least not since High School)

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